Releasing goodness inside out

Oh My Goodness..
I'm fascinated by brands and people. They're so much alike.
How they behave in society, how they reflect society and their potential to change society.

Plant and grow seeds of goodness 
Society needs new ways of working. By exploiting nature and other people we are exploiting ourselves.
How can we think more long term and not be seduced by short term incentives? How can the drive for power and greed be tamed?
Brands and people are the key to change business models and consumer behaviour for good and to restore the damage done. 

Time for change
After 20 years in leadership positions at Heineken, SOS Childrens Villages and Tony's Chocolonely I have seen both the positive and negative side-effects of product development, sales, marketing and communication. This has inspired me to start my own company to share my experience and to create a movement of goodness.

I see endless possibilities.
I frame and reframe.
I challenge and connect
I create and shape worlds of inspiration and activation for people, businesses and brands to release their goodness inside and make impact.

Sounds like goodness to your ears?
Contact me for inside out strategic business & marketing consulting, movement making, key notes, workshops and coaching.

Pascal van Ham
Chief Goodness.